Red Application

Please fill out this form completely to apply for RED Group membership. Once your application is completed, it will be reviewed by RED leadership. Upon approval, you will need to pay the yearly RED dues of $180 (or the prorated amount, depending on the time of year you join). *Please note that because RED is a category-exclusive networking group, applications are subject to review and must be approved before joining. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask – Email our RED director at

Apply to Join RED Group
  • please be specific
  • Tell us a little about what you do
  • I will maintain a valid Membership with The Pride Chamber, maintain valid RED Membership, Attend a RED Group Orientation, Attend all RED Group meetings and conform to attendance policy, Pay RED Group fees, Meet with other RED Group members monthly (Rendezvous), Pass referrals to RED group members (where appropriate), Support RED Group member goods & Services when possible, Offer discounts to Chamber & RED members when possible, Follow the The Pride Chamber Code of Ethics
  • Category Exclusivity — Each business category may be represented by only one member per RED Group chapter. If a business category is occupied, a member may do the following: Elect to join an open chapter or Request to be placed on a waiting list for an opening in an existing or new chapter. Multiple Categories — If a member business offers multiple goods and/or services, only those within their elected category may be promoted during RED Group meetings. Attendance Policy — The attendance of each member is critical to the success of RED Group. Attendance is required at all RED Group meetings by the member or a substitute. The member or substitute agrees to arrive on time and stay for the duration of the meeting. Substitute Policy — If a member cannot attend a meeting, they are expected to select a substitute to attend in their place. Member should notify the Guest Coordinator via e‐mail and provide the substitute with a written Member Minute speech. Guests — Members are encouraged to invite guests to attend meetings. Members must notify the chapter Guest Coordinator prior to the meeting, and submit completed Guest Cards. Guests are permitted to attend two meetings prior to joining RED Group. Direct Marketing Companies — Representatives of direct marketing companies (i.e. Avon, Amway, MonaVie, etc.) may become members of RED Group. However, they may only promote the products and/or services that they sell and not the multi-level marketing aspect of their business in meetings. Transfer of Membership — A member may permanently transfer membership to another representative of the member business for the duration of membership term. Transfer is subject to review and approval of the Leadership Committee. In order to transfer, member must send notice in writing to the RED Group Secretary. Transferee does not assume the absences of the transferor. Leave of Absence — Leadership Committee may grant a leave of absence to members for good cause. Petition for leave of absence must be submitted in writing to the RED Group LC. Leave of absence is subject to review and approval by the Leadership Committee. Revocation of Membership — Membership is subject to revocation if member fails to adhere to conditions listed in the Member Promise., Complaints — If a RED Group member has a complaint, issue or suggestion, they should present to a member of their Leadership Committee for review, before or after a meeting. Such issues should not be addressed in the group forum unless presented by the Leadership Committee., RED Group Dues — RED Group Annual Membership dues are in addition to MBA Orlando annual membership dues. Membership in RED Group is annual and will automatically renew, unless written cancelation is provided to the chapter at least 30 days in advance of the renewal date. Dues are non‐refundable., RED Group Annual Dues: $180