The Pride in Business Awards Gala honors the achievements of our region’s stellar business professionals.

All categories are gender-neutral, and winners will be selected by an out-of-area, unbiased committee comprised of leaders from other diversity chambers across the nation. This means that everyone is eligible to participate in the process, even MBA Board members, volunteers, and Gala Committee members.

This also means nominations must adhere to the criteria and should provide significant details.

General Qualifications for the below Nomination Form to be accepted:

Nomination Form must be submitted by June 28, 2019

Thank you for nominating! 2019 Nominations are now closed. 

All nominees should visibly support the LGBT community, exemplify the highest standards in their profession, demonstrate excellence and success in their business or profession, and promote diversity, equality, and inclusivity in the workplace or in a professional capacity. Winners from the past 3 years are not eligible.

Specific Qualifications for each category:

The Business Leader of the Year uses their success to benefit the whole community, leading non-profits and other business owners to success. Their selfless actions and voices bring positive change to the business community around them. Nominee may or may not own a business.

The Business Owner of the Year stands out above other business owners by exemplifying exceptional leadership, hard work, and positive contributions to the community. Business must be established for at least 3 years. Nominee must own part or all of a Central Florida business.

The New Business of the Year stands out from other rookie businesses in its daily operations and stories of success, despite the many challenges faced by new businesses. This business is a shining example of determination, hard work, and positive differences we all can make in our community. The business must have been formed at least one year prior to the gala, and be no more than 3 years old.

The Small Business of the Year is extraordinary in its daily operations and stories of success. This business exemplifies success, determination and commitment to community. Business must be established for at least 3 years.

The Non-Profit Organization of the Year has differentiated itself from other non-profits through exceptional positive change in our community and outstanding mission-driven projects, setting an example for other non-profits. The organization must have current 501(c) IRS designation.

A corporate ally goes above and beyond minimum corporate standards, proactively working with MBA Orlando members with a common purpose of one day achieving equality through economics. Their voices and actions throughout the year show outstanding support for the LGBTQ+ community.Business must have been incorporated at least three years prior to the date of the gala AND must employ over fifty employees in the Central Florida region.

This award recognizes someone whose occupational role includes promoting diversity within their organization – and highlights the outstanding leadership, dedication and commitment they have shown specifically to LGBT equality. This may include, but is not limited to, individuals from human resources, supplier diversity, and diversity and inclusion departments.

This incredible group of dedicated employees leads the charge and gets results, setting an example to other LGBTQ Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) on how collaboration and connection can make change happen. The winning group will show demonstrated results, a commitment from management, an excellence in communication and participation in the community.  ERG members are encouraged to nominate their own groups. Tell us how your team is setting the standard for LGBTQ resource groups.

2019 Pride in Business Awards Nomination Form